Blood Vessel Models for Microsurgery Training

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This operation is different from normal operation process which carries out with microscope. In order to develop this operation technologies and skills, several bioartifical vessel models have been developed.

Blood Vessel Models for Microsurgery Training



Outer diameter(mm) Inner diameter(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Complexion Prices(30mm×2)
Φ2.0 Φ1.0 t=0.50 Outer wall (Red)
Inner wall (White)
Φ2.0 Φ1.0 t=0.50 White 2,500JPY
Φ1.0 Φ0.8 t=0.10 Red 2,500JPY
Φ0.7 t=0.15
Φ0.6 t=0.20
Φ0.8 Φ0.6 t=0.10 Red 2,500JPY
Φ0.5 t=0.15
Φ0.4 t=0.20
Φ0.6 Φ0.4 t=0.10 Red 2,500JPY
Φ0.3 t=0.15

Demonstration Movie

Demonstration /Supervision: Eiji Kobayashi M.D.,Ph.D
(Project Professor)
Department of Organ Fabrication
Keio University School of Medicine

[Proficiency] 9 interrupted suture(Additional 1 stitch suture skill)

Surgery Reconstructive surgery of hepatic artery by Living Donor Liver Transplantation
Suture material 2 layer structure/9-0
  • Use of finer suture such as 9-0 makes it possible to access to the delicate intima in anastomosis area.
  • It is highly recommended to start suturing back side of intima to prevent from unexpected damage.
  • In the clinical setting, a short 9-0 suture with needles in the both sides is available.
  • After completing the back side, keep tension of suture at the same level and move to the front by rotating suture 90°to complete the process.
  • It is essential to maximize microsurgical skills using microscope in case of handling fine suture such as 9-0.
  • Paying attention to the torsion of artery is also important to minimize damage to the vessel.
  • Then complete the final suture while ensuring that the suture needle is hooked completely through all layers such as intima, tunica media and tunica extrema.


[Intermediate] 8 interrupted suture

Surgery Anastomisis of artery where near to body surface
Suture material Vessel (Red)/8-0
  • Firstly, start from front side and move on to back side using 8-0 suture.
  • Utilize the tension of the first stitch and rotates 90° to complete the front wall.
  • Secondly, complete 1 stitch of interrupted suture and lead it to continue for both side (left and right).
  • After completion of left and right side then carry on to the rear side.
  • During the suture, paying attention to the torsion of artery to minimize damage to the vessel.


[Beginner] 6 interrupted suture

Surgery Suturing the ureter of cats(Companion animal)
Suture material Vessel (White)/8-0
  • This vessel model can use for training in both artery and ureter of small companion animals.
  • The process starts from taking 1st stitch on left and right side and continue to suture the front side.
  • Completion of front side, carry on to put through two interrupted suture ensuring to go through internal area.
  • After confirming the suture has went through internal area, rotates 180°and complete the rear side.


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