Consideration and Improvement of Global Environment

Management of Chemicals

Sunarrow group uses common “Standard for usage of prohibited chemcials” and it prohibits the use of harmful chemicals which cause negative impact to human body and environment.After content elements of all raw materials and parts are being confirmed by R&D development, such are then being used by mass production factory.

<Flow of chemical management>

Resource Saving

We are advancing the painting technology that reduces the environmental load of VOC and research of raw material that does not contain halogenated compound.


Energy Conservation

We are advancing the energy conservation activities such as the usage of illuminations that consume less electricities,water-cooling system that assists air-conditioning as well as elimination of unnecessary processes.


Sprinkler on roof


Water atomization of outdoor machine
of air conditioner


glo_pic04Various wastes such as silicon rubber, plastic, organic solvent and abolition oil have been generated, out of which 70% is being recycled.Defective parts from domestic and overseas factories are being recycled.Such silicon ruber is being decomposed with heat into silicon oil and solid silica, which then are being used as lubricant or soil conditioner.

Pollution Management

We aim at symbiosis with the ambient surrounding.

Sunarrow Kasei Co., Ltd.

The exhaust processor(type of washing in clear water scrubber)is set up in the painting process, so the dust dispersion to the ambient surrounding is prevented.


Painting exhaust processor(scrubber)

Techno Sado Ltd.

The exhaust processor(RTO combustion type and combustion type)is set up in the painting processw, and the dust dispersion and the VOC exhaust to the ambient surrounding are prevented.


Painting exhaust processor
(combustion type)


Painting exhaust processor
(RTO combustion type)

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