Sunarrow Limited (hereinafter called “Sunarrow”)(President : Yuji Tokimune) has reached an agreement with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (hereinafter called “AIST”)(President : Ryoji Chubachi) and Zeon Corporation (hereinafter called “Zeon”)(President : Kimiaki Tanaka) to jointly establish the “Zeon Sunarrow AIST CNT*1 Composite Material Research Center” (hereinafter called “the CNT Composite Material Research Center”)
The CNT Composite Material Research Center, located in the Tsukuba Center of AIST and to which Zeon and Sunarrow have temporally dispatched researchers, will develop master batches of CNTs resin and Rubber composite materials and promote sales of technology for composites, product development and manufacturing processes using biaxial mixing or injection molding with AIST’s researchers through a joint effort between the three parties, with the aim of launching commercial CNT composite materials for sale within the next three years.
The CNT Composite Material Research Center will be the first open platform joint research project under the CNT Alliance Consortium*2 spearheaded by AIST.
Details will be introduced at the 16th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference (February 15-17, 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight) as well.
Explanation of the terms
*1: Carbon nanotube
*2: This consortium aims to create CNTs industry from Japan using to the utmost the related technologies of CNT, which AIST provides to companies, and AIST undertakes joint research with said companies through open or closed platforms.