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Rubber Packing for Bottle

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Rubber Molding

Evaporated Parts for Bottle

Grip Pars for Bottle

Our Technology
Rubber Molding


Our Technology
Plastic Molding

Silicone Baking-Trays for Use in Microwaves.

A product developed using Sunarrow’s material mixing technologies.



◆It allows you to bake bread and pastries in the microwave in 3 minutes.
It allows you to brown bread products in the microwave without needing an oven.
The base material is silicone, so it is flexible and easy to handle. 
It is possible to control the heat using material mixtures, and the product can be used for a variety of heating uses.

Cooking Example



★Brings the temperature to 200 degrees by placing on 600W for 2 minutes.
★Heats more evenly than normal silicone trays.
★A variety of temperature bands are available through mixing different amounts of materials.

Main Specifications

Product life:
⇒200 uses (Specific number not guaranteed)

Toki Silicone Coaster

・Now on sale at the Sado Steam Ship.
・We donate a portion of the proceeds to the “Nigata Toki protection fund” as a CSR activity.



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