We design all products, tools and jigs in-house, which allows us stable supply, short delivery times and cost reduction. We are able to realize efficient product designs through our knowledge of tools, jigs and production processes. In addition, we are able to perform analyses and handle more complex product specifications by using 3-D CAD software throughout the design process.


◆We are able to design tools, jigs and runners that account for all factors, including post-processes.
◆We are also able to handle a variety of analyses in connection with 3-D CAD technologies.

Tool Machining

We own a high-performance machining center to perform high-precision tool machining. As a component manufacturer, we are able to conduct processing at a tool plant located adjacent to our production line, which gives us the advantage of being able to respond to customer requests for shape changes and production plant improvements in a speedy and timely manner.


◆An integrated system from product and tool design through to tool and part making.
◆Close proximity to the production line allows for speedy and timely responses.
◆We also own tool processing equipments located inside the mass production factory.

Holding Facilities

・Machining center ・CNC jigborer ・CNC small-hole electric discharge machine
・Electric discharge machine  ・Wire electric discharge machine ・Precisive mold grinding machine
・Fraise ・Handheld precisive lathe ・Drill grinding machine 

Design Analysis

Flow Analysis

We analyze the flow of plastic within a tool, and reflect the information in our designs. We are able to shorten delivery times and reduce costs by pre-solving problems that might occur in the production process by conducting injection mold simulations from the development stage.




Stress Analysis of Rubber (ANSYS)

ansysANSYS is a form of software used to analyze non-linear material models. We use the software to conduct strain and stress analyses based on the shape of the silicone rubber product, and we use it for silicone products with click structures. Rubber materials have a large range of deformation and are highly non-linear, which makes it extremely difficult to analyze their structure. However, using these analyses allows us to reduce development time and costs.

Optical Analysis (SPEOS)

We predict light balance in backlighted products by conducing analyses using optical analysis software. Design assistance for light guiding components, etc. is also available.

3D Printer

3dプリンターWe seek both to shorten production times and reduce costs by creating proto products without using tools thanks to our high-performance, full-color 3-D printer. Extracting problems in advance and getting feedback on designs also allows us to create precise tools.




Features of Objet500 Connex3

◆Multi-material and multi-color. embodiment in more than 100 patterns and colors.
◆Moldings are available that simultaneously make use of three model materials chosen from our wide selection, including transparent materials, highly heat-resistant materials *1, polypropylene-like , rubber-like *2, etc.
*1 Deflection temperature under load ⇒Normal plastic: 45~50℃; Highly heat-resistant plastic: 75~90℃
*2 Hardness of rubber-like materials ⇒ Selectable options: Approx. 30°(translucent or black), approx. 60°(black), approx. 75°(gray)
◆A state of the art 3-D printers capable of richer material and color expressions. Multi-colored color expressions are also available, and it is possible to select transparent materials in colors like “cyan,” “magenta,” “yellow,” “white,” “black,” etc.




Smartphone chassis

Brain blood vessel model

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