Our Products

Introducing our products manufactured by our company for each category
We have a track record of delivery to various fields, from automotive parts to surgical training models.


We manufacture automotive parts such as buttons and rubber contact switches for the interior parts of cars.

Home & Business

We manufacture a variety of products that are used in everyday life, such as electronic device parts such as cell phone key sheets and food-related containers.


We manufacture surgical training models for medical settings. It can be used not only for training purposes, but also as a development tool for medical devices.


We have developed the O-ring "SGOINT" which achieves high conductivity, high durability, and high strength. It can also be provided as a material.


Using our experience and skills as a manufacturing company, we manufacture and develop labor-saving equipment and equipment. Please see manufacturing examples here.


We manufacture a variety of materials by utilizing compounding technology of various nanomaterials into resins, rubbers, and solvents.