MaMicrosurgery is different from regular surgery.
This is a surgery performed using special instruments while looking through a microscope.
To improve this technique skill
We provide training blood vessels.


Outer diameter (mm)Inner diameter (mm)Wall thickness (mm)ogleRegular price (30mm x 2 pieces)
Φ2.0Φ1.0t=0.50Exterior wall: red
Interior wall: white
2,500 yen
Φ2.0Φ1.0t=0.50White2,500 yen
red2,500 yen
red2,500 yen
red2,500 yen

Training videos 

[Advanced] 9-needle interrupted suture (1-needle additional technique)

Assumed surgeryHepatic artery reconstruction in living donor liver transplantation
material/thread2-layer blood vessel/9-0
point・Thin threads allow for sharper anastomosis with less coverage of the full thickness of blood vessels.
・Start from the back to ensure the intima is removed.
・In clinical practice, it is easier to use a thread with needles on both ends and a short thread length.
・Next, attach the front side, rotate it 90 degrees and suture it.
・The method for sewing the front is the same as for intermediate training.
・Sutures with a diameter of 9-0 or higher can be sewn while increasing the magnification and checking for disturbance of the intima.
・Also, while checking the stitch spacing, pull the interrupted suture immediately next to the area where the spacing is large, and insert an additional stitch through the entire layer, being careful not to catch the thread on the back wall.

[Intermediate] 8-needle interrupted suture

Assumed surgeryAnastomosis of arteries on the body surface
material/threadBlood vessels (red)/8-0
point・Start with one stitch on the front and then on the back.
- Use that thread as tension thread, rotate it 90 degrees, and start sewing the front wall.
- First, place one interrupted suture in the center, then insert one stitch on each side while pulling this suture.
・Then, stitches are applied to the posterior surface, but damage can be minimized by reducing the twisting of the artery.


[Beginner] 6-needle interrupted suture

Assumed surgerypet cat ureteral anastomosis
material/threadBlood vessel (white) 8-0
point-This product can be used for training not only as a blood vessel but also as a small animal's ureter.
- Thread the start to the left and right.
Sew the front.
- Place two interrupted sutures, make sure that the inside is empty, and then ligate.
・Then, rotate it 180 degrees and sew the back side in the same way.

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