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Product Summary

product name:SGOINT(Amazing)Supper Growth Carbon Nano Tube is Oin the ring IN

An O-ring that uses fluororubber (FKM) as a base material and Zeon's single-wall carbon nanotubes (SGCNT), which has high purity and excellent shape retention, as a reinforcing filler. It also has the meaning of SUGOI ORING, which has achieved high conductivity, high durability, and high strength.


At Sunarrow, we sell compounds of fluororubber (FKM) and CNT that we have formulated in-house.

This product can be processed into various shapes such as O-rings and flat plates and used for various purposes.

Basic characteristics



By using single-walled carbon nanotubes (SGCNTs) with a high aspect ratio as fillers, we have achieved high strength and high repulsive force (high modulus). This is a heat-resistant O-ring made by FKM that suppresses O-ring extrusion and damage and can be used even in high-pressure environments.


The SGCNT used as filler is thin and long, so it can provide the effect of reinforcing FKM with fibers. Since it is an inorganic fiber, it will not burn at temperatures below 400℃ and has excellent chemical resistance. A highly safe heat-resistant O-ring that maintains its shape even in harsh environments.


By using FKM, which has excellent heat resistance, and SGCNT, which has excellent heat resistance and reinforcing properties, we were able to create a heat-resistant O-ring that has excellent long-term high-temperature durability at 230℃. At temperatures below 230°C, we can expect a significantly longer service life and reduce the frequency of O-ring replacement.


SGOINT variations

Steam resistant grade


This is a product with steam resistance (hot water resistance) added to the regular SGOIN grade.

low temperature grade

This product maintains the characteristics of SGOINT in that fluororubber has low strength, and expands the range of low-temperature applications.


It is used for the internal O-ring of W&N Co., Ltd.'s hydraulic clamp.
It has a track record of use under high pressure and high temperature environments.
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