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Our company was established as a processing manufacturer of industrial rubber products in 1959.
Since then he has been involved in the manufacture of waterproof packing for watches and in 1970 we began developing the world’s first conductive silicone rubber processing technology. Along with the changing times, this is used in a wide range of industries such as calculators, remote control, electronic musical instruments, and cordless phones.

Especially mobile related key sheet which grew up as a representative product of our company, especially among mobile phone applications, our proprietary hybridized technology is remarkably adopted, and we have earned high praise in the globalized market.
As a parts manufacturer capable of responding to customers’ advanced and diversified needs, we are strengthening both management and quality as we can carry out integrated production from designing to designing molds, forming, decorating and assembling.

In recent years, we have developed simulated organs for use in surgical training that faithfully reproduce the texture and structure of the human body, and these have been rated highly in the medical healthcare field.
We are also developing nanomaterials through a collaboration between industry, academia and the government, and we continue to apply ourselves in new areas.

We will continue to strive to improve and improve our company in order to respond more quickly to your requests, and we will challenge to make better products. We sincerely thank you for your further support and cooperation.

Our management vision


Aiming to be a company that contributes to society, we will increase customer satisfaction by accumulating ingenious technologies.

Build a company that every employee can be proud of


Company motto