Would you like to introduce labor-saving equipment aimed at reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency, mainly at manufacturing sites?
Because Sunarrow manufactures its products in-house, we understand the issues faced by our customers from an on-site perspective.
Our greatest strength is our ability to propose mechatronics technology to solve problems.

Results as of March 2023

The manufacturing results by process show the automation of food boxing and picking work.such as equipmenttransport system. Devices that can engrave characters using a laser50% or more for decoration, but also manufactures equipment for various other processes.
In the past, we used to manufacture key sheets for mobile phones as our main product, but we were able toExtensive knowledge of many processesBecause of this, it is characterized by a uniform distribution that is not heavily biased in one part.

The production results by field are as follows.There are many products related to the industrial and electronic fields as our own products,70% is equipment related to industrial fields such as automobiles and electrical/electronic fields.account for about
In the industrial field, we manufacture laser marker equipment, but this equipment is installed in our own production line. besides thatA track record of putting more than 1,000 units of equipment into our own production lineTherefore, even customers who are considering introducing labor-saving equipment but do not have the knowledge can feel free to consult with us.

Results as of March 2023
1. Laser marker processing

Adjusted by sophisticated image correction
Correct the position of the workpiece by image detection,
Marking position accuracy
Enables processing within ±0.1.
1. Laser marker device

2. Adhesive/sealant applicator
With advanced control technology, it can be used as an orthogonal robot
High-dimensional balance of high-viscosity dispenser
Enables high-speed yet stable application.
Stable production, automation, and high-precision, stable production are possible for filling the board and applying adhesive to the battery case.

3. Machining center supply device

According to the size and shape of the processed product,
Use containers and cassettes suitable for continuous processing
Realizes long-term unmanned operation.

3. Machining center supply equipment in operation

Compatible robot: FANUC Corporation
・Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd.
・Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
・Fujikoshi Co., Ltd.
 Compatible with other companies' robots such as