Environmental Philosophy and Promotion System

Basic Environmental Philosophy

Sunarrow group has wisdom and zeal in the achievement of a sustainable society where people are helthy and filled with hope.

Environmental Action Policy

  • We organize and manage the system of Environmental protection system with continuous improvement.

  • For the achievement of a sustainable society, we develop products and the industrial method that considers the reduction of negative environmental impact, from material procurement to scrapping.

  • We prioritize to procure materials, parts and products which is environmentally-friendly and having less environmental impacts.

  • We promote the saving of resources and energy as well as prevention of environmental pollution through the active conduct of business.

  • We comply regulations related to business and customer’s requirements.

  • We promote the education and the educational campaign concerning the environment, consider environmental preservation in various scenes of the active conduct of business and life, and bring up proactive talents.

  • We aim at an effective activity in the group, the customer, and trust with the region through active communication.