Anti-Harassment Policy

Our company is"Do not allow harassment""for
Each officer and all employees respect each other,
We strive to create an organizational culture that does not allow harassment, and strive to be a company where people can work with pride.
  • We do not allow the following workplace harassment.
    Abuse of Power
    Sexual Harassment
    Pregnancy discrimination

  • If an employee harassed, it may be punished to employee based on Sunarrow's Employment Regulations.

  • The person which affected to harassment or corporate to reveal of the harassment detail will not be treated disadvantageously.

  • We will carry out to clear the matter of harrasment quickly if the person consulted. If we confimed the harassment is fact,
    Take action against victims and perpetrators. In addition, we will take appropriate measures such as taking measures to prevent recurrence.

  • Consultation window
    We will establish a consultation desk within the company regarding harassment in the workplace. In addition to face-to-face consultations, we also accept consultations by phone and email.
    The person in charge of the consultation desk protects the privacy of both the consulter and the acter.

  • It is known to all
    Conduct regular harassment-related training for executives and employees. Acquire correct knowledge about harassment behavior,
    By disseminating our efforts, we will work to change the awareness within the organization. In addition, we will implement measures that are considered necessary as needed.