Highly functional insulation paste

An amorphous paste material using silica particles and inorganic fibers.
By molding and filling it into any shape and evaporating the solvent, a molded product with excellent heat resistance and insulation properties can be obtained.

SunZero 4 features

  • Thermal conductivity 0.025-0.030W/m・k.
  • Heat resistance 250℃ *Non-combustible material: Passed the fire protection performance test set by the Building Materials Testing Center.
  • Super water repellent contact angle of 150° or more.
  • Flexibility in shape Insulation can be installed in areas subject to high temperatures, areas with complex shapes, and areas with limited space.
Figure 1/Packing example: Sealing container 300g

It has lower thermal conductivity than still air and has excellent insulation properties at high temperatures.

SunZero physical properties table

SunZero cured product physical properties table