EndoGel (Endogel) faithfully reproduces the organ texture required for ESD (endoscopic submucosal dissection) and POEM (peroral endoscopic myotomy) procedures, allowing you to train with a sensation similar to that of the human body. This is a kit that allows you to This product was developed jointly with the Department of Gastroenterology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata University, and sales began in 2016. This product, which is based on the concept of easy installation and preparation, is used in various hands-on training both in Japan and overseas.

The name Endogel comes from the word Endoscope.Gel(gel), a term coined from Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-hydroGelThe main component is a resin called Sunarrow's compounding and molding technology for gelling PVA is applied to the product.


  • A series of procedures performed with ESD/POEM, such as marking, local injection, mucosal incision, submucosal dissection, myotomy (POEM), and clipping, can be performed with the same feeling as in the human body.
  • Endoscope equipment, ESD/POEM devices, high frequency generators, etc. can be used under conditions similar to those of the human body.
  • Since it is a non-biological material, there is no risk of infection.

EndoGel product details

EndoGel main body
Effective training area: 125mm x 75mm
Return electrode
Hose (dummy overtube)
EndoGel fixing box (also serves as product storage box)
Size: 145mm x 145mm x 210mm
Hose fixing box

Usage image

Endoscope images/sample videos

Endogel introduction video (for ESD)
Endogel introduction video (for POEM)

*Video provided by Department of Gastroenterology, Niigata University
*This product isNiigata University Department of Gastroenterology This is a jointly developed product with

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