Sunarrow Group's environmental initiatives

Environmental promotion system


Head office management confirms the environmental management and activity status of each business site and reflects it in the Sunarrow Group's basic environmental philosophy. We are rolling this out horizontally to all offices.

Consideration and improvement of the global environment

Chemical substance management

The Sunarrow Group uses common "standards for prohibited chemical substances" to prohibit and control the use of chemical substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment. All raw materials and parts are used at the mass production factory after the development factory confirms their content.

Resource saving

We are working to develop technologies that effectively utilize limited resources and reduce the burden on the environment.
We are also actively promoting the use of coating technology that reduces VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which have a high environmental impact, and the use of raw materials that do not contain halogen compounds.

Energy Conservation

We are promoting energy-saving activities such as lighting equipment that consumes less electricity, water cooling systems to supplement air conditioning, and processes that eliminate waste.

pollution control

In order to prevent pollution, we are continually installing and improving exhaust treatment equipment suitable for each business site, aiming to coexist with the surrounding environment.



Technosad Co., Ltd.

Soundproof walls have been installed to reduce the leakage of factory noise.

Contributing to local communities


Once a year, we clean surrounding ponds, roads, and temples. We also make donations to schools and plant trees for the benefit of society and the environment.



Technosad Co., Ltd.

Through agricultural production activities, we are working to maintain and continue agriculture on Sado Island, which has been certified as a Global Agricultural Heritage Site (GIAHS).

Sunarrow Kasei Co., Ltd.

Once a year, we conduct environmental beautification activities near the Sunarrow Chemical Plant.

As part of our contribution to the local community through the production and sale of Tokkki Coasters, we will donate a portion of our sales to the Niigata Prefecture Ibis Protection Fund. We will carry out fundraising activities on a continuous basis so that we can contribute as much as we can to Toki and Sado Island.