Features of the Sunarrow Decoration Technology.

◆We are able to create high-quality, high-added value, low cost products by handling the entire process in-house from development through to molding, decorating, assembly and inspection, with a focus on a variety of decoration technologies.
◆Another of our strengths is our in-house handling of metal tone decoration technique that take environment concerns into consideration, including dry plating technique using spattering and evaporation and nickel-free plating technique.
◆We also provide decoration for silicone rubber.

・Vacuum metalization/Sputtering ・Painting ・Printing ・Hot stamp ・Laser etching

Vacuum Metalization/Sputtering

  • We own thermal vacuum evaporation equipment that uses resistant heating and in-house spattering equipment.
  • We are able to imitate designs as thin and metal plating.
  • We are also able to handle radio-wave transparent specifications and half-mirror specifications by using non conductive vacuum metalization specifications.

Unique Technology

Over Mold Metal
DPM-Direct Pattern Molding
Urethane Drawing

Holding Facilities

・Sputtering machine   ・(Non-conductive) Vacuum metalization machine


Decoration technology that spray-paint plastic surfaces. We paint transparent plastic molding products, and create different specifications to either allow light to permeate or to mask against it. We do not just use typical painting types. We apply difficult types of paintings such as highly luminescent metallic paintings that provide a high-class appearance, pearl paintings, etc. As a final process, we also apply a hard-coating treatment to coated surfaces to make them abrasion-resistant.

Holding Facilities

・Printing machine(XY Robot Type, Rotary Type, Spindle Type)
・Surface finishing machine


We also provide screen printing and pad printing.
We have a track record dealing in a variety of base materials, such as plastic molding products, silicone products, glass panels, film substrates, etc.
We are able to provide mass production services using our advanced printing technologies that we cultivated through mass producing mobile phones.
*We also handle conductive printing.


◆We provide screen printing and pad printing.
◆We are able to provide printing on a variety of materials, including plastic, rubber, etc.
◆We are able to print conductive patterns, such as contacts, etc., on silicone products using conductive ink developed in-house.

Holding Facilities

・Screen printing machine  ・PAD printing machine  ・Ink-jet printer

Hot Stamp

This is the technique of transferring metal foil to the back surface of plastic molding products to give them a metallic impression. Luxurious decorations with an outstanding metallic luster can be achieved by applying a hot stamp to the back surface of key buttons made from transparent plastic. It is possible to apply colored mirrors, optical transparency and optical masking by combining this technique with printing in the processes before and after transferring the metal foil.

Laser Etching

Before processing

After processing


◆This is mainly used in backlighting texture and film punching.
◆We own YAG lasers and CO2 lasers.
◆Marking white materials using a green laser is available.

We are the first company to bring laser light key technology into the industry.

Holding Facilities

・YAG Laser   ・CO2 Laser   ・Green Laser

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